A community that puts inspiration at the center of life.

Inspira is tailored made for those restless types who want to live young, stay fit, and love learning new things. It’s a place where people feel moved and supported to do what they love most.

We encourage our residents to re-ignite their passions. Explore their creative side. Travel more. And connect with friends old and new. For many, Inspira is a community where you can put yourself and your favorite pursuits first—without apology.

Inspira offers a wide variety of social, creative and wellness programs, many of which are only available through Cadence communities.

While we plan ahead with well-scheduled programming, we also leave space for spontaneous fun: impromptu celebrations, cocktail parties by the pool, and nights out on the town. From weekly live musical acts to lively game nights, Inspira paves the way for fulfilling experiences and connections driven by the needs and wishes of our residents.

Part of the Arrowhead neighborhood in Glendale, Arizona, Inspira is a retirement community by Cadence Senior Living and P.B. Bell, and the newest neighbor to join Treasure House and Velaire Apartments in Aspera. Amenities bloom throughout our spacious eleven-acre campus, including gentle walking paths, a dog park, a fire pit for cool nights and a pool for hot days.

Please schedule a virtual tour of Inspira today by calling us at (623) 235-6400 or by filling out the form below!


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