We aspire to become your favorite restaurant in town.

We know Glendale and Phoenix offer some stellar dining options which inspires us to create a variety of wonderful culinary experiences  – just steps from your door.

A focus on healthy and tasty.

Fresh is healthier than frozen and organic foods simply taste better. At Inspira, we believe food should nourish the soul, not just fill a void. That’s why our menus include organic ingredients as well as local, farm-to-table selections when available and in season.

Cactus Bistro: Open late morning through afternoon, The Bistro offers fresh coffee, baked goods, and light snacks. Choose to dine indoor or outside by the pool.

The Incite Dining Room: Our upscale-casual dining room serves full lunches and dinners daily. Menus are designed for discerning tastes, plus we’re able to adjust meals to accommodate sensitive diets and those with allergies in many cases.

Gurio’s: Our delightful cocktail bar opens daily between 4pm and 7pm with happy hour specials. Enjoy your favorite spirited or non-alcoholic libation in the company of good friends, featuring laughter and inspired conversation.

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